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Premium Japanese Sencha

Carefully hand selected for its distinctive taste, this Sencha represents a quality of Japanese green tea which rarely makes its way to western shores. Even by Japanese standards this is an exceptional tea; made using only leaves from the most prized first flush harvest which are expertly steamed to produce this uniquely fresh and mellow green tea.

Powdered Japanese Sencha

Our powdered Sencha is made using the same high quality leaf found in our premium Sencha. The leaves are finely ground down to produce this delicate tasting tea which can be brewed almost instantly. This makes it perfect for quick green tea drinks to take out and about or if you're feeling adventurous for mixing in with foods and smoothies.

Very similar to Matcha in many ways; it is ideal for people looking for that green tea energy boost or a concentrated health kick.

Powdered Genmaicha
This exclusive Genmaicha is a blend of our premium Sencha leaf and ground Japanese Genmai (roasted brown rice) to give you our instantly enjoyable take on this traditional Japanese tea. Sometimes referred to as 'popcorn' tea, Genmaicha has a slightly roasted, nutty flavour.