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Premium Traditional Sencha - leaf tea (50g)

For those looking for the authentic Japanese experience. Taste Japanese sencha as it has been enjoyed for hundreds of years.

This traditonal first flush sencha is made using only the finest leaves from the first harvest of the year, which always yields the most prized tea. Selected for its delicate flavour and fresh clean tones, the leaves of this fine sencha can actually be eaten after brewing; a sure sign that this tea is of the highest quality.

You can brew Japanese sencha at least twice and sometimes even a third time depending on how strong you like your tea.


Why would you want to eat the leaves?

Well, much of the 'goodness' contained in the leaf is retained in the leaf even after brewing. This means that when your tea leaves are thrown away, much of the goodness in the tea is actually being wasted.

Try a small amount of 'ponzu' on your brewed tea leaves for a truely eye opening Japanese experience. Eating the leaves is recommended with only the finest quality tea, also giving it similar heath benefits to Matcha, so why not give it a try.


Our teas are all grown and foil packed by a single producer in Kagoshima, which guarantees the freshness of our teas.

The tea is careful grown with love and without the aid of pesticides or other nasty chemicals. The producer has actually developed a pioneering technique which uses a combination of water and air under pressure to simulate typhoon conditions. This amazingly helps to keep pests at bay. Our teas are kind to the environment as well as your body.

How is this sencha different from other Japanese green teas?

Kagoshima is famed for producing a very particular type of green tea called 'fukamushicha', which directly translates as 'deeply steamed tea'. Via a process of quickly cooling and steaming the tea leaves immediately after harvest, this remarkable Sencha retains many fresh tones and a vibrant green colour. The steaming process is carefully varied from harvest to harvest by the tea master to help bring out the tea's most desirable features.

This Sencha is also what is referred to as a 'kabuse' (covered) Sench. This means the tea is shaded from the sun just before harvest in a similar way to gyokuro, which helps to develop a subtle mellow flavour and reduce the tea's bitterness.



Leaf tea - 50g foil packed for freshness

Premium Traditional Sencha
Unfortunately we no longer offer an overseas shipping option. However we do make exceptions, so if you would like to get an international shipping quote please feel free to email us and we will try to help as best we can.    
We would also like to ease any concerns our customers may have regarding the origins of the teas we import as we do on occasion still get queries regarding the proximity of the tea production to the recent problems surrounding the Fukushima area. All of our tea is grown and processed by the same estate in Kagoshima, which is located at the southwestern tip of the southern island of Kyushu. Thus the tea is almost as far as it is possible to be from the affected region whilist staying within Japan and there are no concerns regarding contamination associated with our teas.