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Premium Powdered Genmaicha - finely ground tea (50g)

Similar to our powdered sencha, this genmaicha is a blend of high quality ground leaf and ground genmai (roasted brown rice) bringing a new twist to this popular traditional Japanese green tea.

The additon of gemai to sencha gives the tea a roasted slightly nutty flavour which has always been very popular. Unfortunately traditionally genmaicha is often blended using a lesser grade of sencha as the flavour of the tea is can be slightly hidden by the additional flavour from the genmai. However we have continued with our policy of using only the finest green tea leaves for our teas and we think you will appreciate the hard work we have put into finding the perfect blend of genmai and sencha for this new taste experience.



What is the best way to enjoy powdered tea?

The simplest way is just to add hot water to a cup with some powdered sencha, stir and enjoy. It really is that simple. Brilliantly the tea will not get stronger and more bitter as time passes so if you make a cup at the office and leave it for 10 min, it will still be fresh and mellow in flavour and not bitter at all.

As the tea is made using the whole tea leaf, it does not necessarily need to be brewed with hot water to extract the health benefits. This means you can happily mix the tea with cold water for instant iced genmaicha or add it to cakes or vanilla ice cream for a slighty roasted green tea flavour.



Powdered Tea - 50g foil packed for freshness

Our teas are all grown and foil packed by a single producer in Kagoshima, which guarantees the freshness of our teas.

The tea is careful grown with love and attention and without the aid of pesticides or other nasty chemicals. The producer has gone so far as to develop pioneering technique that uses a combination of water and wind to simulate typhoon conditions which helps to keep pests at bay. Our teas are kind on the environment as well as your body.


Why is this tea powdered?

When we first stated importing our premium traditional sencha we would often get requests from customers for the tea to be packed into teabags for convenience.

However, once we started to look into getting teabags made we quickly discovered that when using high quality tea, the leaves would expand so much within the bags that they were unable to mix and interact with the water enough to allow the flavours to infuse properly.

So we started to look at finely grinding the tea to allow an instant release of flavour, whilst also combining the ability to enjoy the tea anywhere , without the need for a teapot, making it ideal for drinking at the office or on the go. It wasn't quite as straightforward as it sounds, but after much development we think we have found a tea that gives you the best of all worlds.

Premium Powdered Genmaicha
Unfortunately we no longer offer an overseas shipping option. However we do make exceptions, so if you would like to get an international shipping quote please feel free to email us and we will try to help as best we can.    
We would also like to ease any concerns our customers may have regarding the origins of the teas we import as we do on occasion still get queries regarding the proximity of the tea production to the recent problems surrounding the Fukushima area. All of our tea is grown and processed by the same estate in Kagoshima, which is located at the southwestern tip of the southern island of Kyushu. Thus the tea is almost as far as it is possible to be from the affected region whilist staying within Japan and there are no concerns regarding contamination associated with our teas.